Customise Your Ride: Easy (And Inexpensive) SUV Updates You’ll Love

Love the power and performance of your sports utility vehicle, but wish it had just a little more of your own personal style strewn throughout the interior and exterior? You’re not alone; many happy SUV owners who love their people mover just want to put a few personal touches throughout the auto.

Fortunately, customising your ride can prove a lot easier than you may think. Knowing a few simple and inexpensive accessories and updates to consider can help you quickly put your own unique spin on your beloved SUV.

Easy & Inexpensive Automotive Updates: Making Your SUV Feel More Like You

Three easy and inexpensive ways to update include:

New dash kit:

Want to quickly enhance interior cabin space? Consider a new dash kit. Dash kits come in an extensive range of finishes-chrome, wood grain, and even factory match, to ensure you have a final look that truly resonates with your style vision.

Chrome accessories

Speaking of chrome, there is a vast assortment of chrome accessories that can be used inside and outside of your sports utility vehicle. From exterior mirrors to gearshifts, and a wide range of everything in between, you’ll easily be able to add a few chrome bursts throughout your automobile to make it seem more in line with your vibe.

Enhanced lighting

Since the exterior is the first thing that the world sees when you drive by, why not focus on making a few customisations to the outside of your vehicle? Opt for an enhanced lighting installation. Not only will you get an entire new look on the grill of your SUV, but you’ll also enjoy the added functionality that comes the customised package.

Purchase Your Accessories At A Certified Dealership For Best Results

When you’re ready to begin personalising your automobile, it’s important to remember that not all accessory distributors are created alike; in order to guarantee the quality of the parts you purchase, it’s critical to go to a manufacturer certified dealership. Working with a certified manufacturer dealership delivers an extensive range of benefits that simply cannot be ignored. First and foremost, a certified manufacturer dealership will offer only premium, quality parts that have undergone a litany of manufacturer-specific tests to ensure what your purchase is worthy of carrying their label.

Additionally, a certified dealership will also offer extended warranties for any parts and accessories you may purchase. Unlike other distributors that don’t recognise a sale after it’s left the lot, a manufacturer-approved showroom will offer factory guarantees and warranties to ensure that your parts live up to their reputation… or you’ll get a replacement part.

Finally, partnering with an approved vendor for your certified parts means that you’ll have access to highly-skilled and trained specialists to handle your install from start to finish. Other dealerships may claim to have “industry experts” onsite managing their service department; however, their definition on expertise may vary from yours. Using an approved dealership means that your vehicle will be worked on by a team of specialists trained in the very latest innovations for the ultimate experience in service peace of mind.